Oil Stain Remover for Concrete and Stone

10.0 kg

Powerful Oil Stain Remover for Tarmac and Paving Stone Surfaces

  • Biological oil stain remover for use on concrete, block-work, paving stones, forecourts, garage floors and driveways
  • Highly effective biological remediation
  • Long lasting bacterial digestion
  • Safe and easy to use

Product Description

Driveway Cleaner cleans oil stains, grease and hydrocarbon products from floors, road surfaces, forecourts, driveways (except tarmac) and equipment.

Driveway Cleaner is a biological oil stain remover that rapidly removes and digests oil stains from hard surfaces and porous block work. Driveway Cleaner, for driveways and patios, is not suitable for use on tarmac driveways. It uses enhanced bacterial degradation to remove oil, grease and other hydrocarbon products.

Best Uses

Driveway Cleaner is best used for on porous block work driveways and patios for the removal of tough stains. It contains a blend of biological enzymes and bacteria to digest and remove oil stains, offering a clean and natural looking surface again. Driveway Cleaner is ideal to clean off any oil residue prior to application of Asphalt Restorer, Driveway Paint or Tarmacoat.


Driveway Cleaner has an application rate of approximately 1m sq. - 2.5m sq. per litre, depending on surface porosity and soiling. Driveway Cleaner is intended for manual cleaning using scrubbers, brushes, cloths or rags to ensure all stains and residues are totally removed. Available in 5 litre tubs, Driveway Cleaner is a cost effective way of manual cleaning without hiring an industrial cleaner or buying a machine.

Surface and Environment

Driveway Cleaner penetrates and lifts oil stains, grease and other hydrocarbon products from even the most porous surfaces and can be used on floors, road surfaces, forecourts, driveways and equipment.