AdBlue® Rotary Hand Pump

2.0 kg

The Manual Rotary AdBlue™ Pump is designed for the transfer of AdBlue™, also known as DEF, from a drum. They are a popular solution when mains power is not accessible, or when the costs associated with a more sophisticated AdBlue pump cannot be justified, perhaps due to the low quantities being dispensed. This AdBlue™ drum pump can also be supplied with a hose and spout should the user require it.

Features of the Rotary AdBlue™ Hand Pump:

  • AdBlue™ Hand Pump
  • Polypropylene body
  • Rotary mechanism
  • Max flow rate: 300ml per rev
  • 2” BSP drum adaptor


If you are connecting to a drum, please check the thread you may need an adaptor from 2″ BSP to 2″ Butress thread.